Shadow Warrior Reborn

For old times’ sake,
Shadow Warrior has been reborn (by Flying Wild Hog). The original classic Shadow Warrior was developed in 1997 by 3D Realms. Looks like this one isn’t that bad as how Duke Nukem turned out after 15 years of hell development.

From Shadow Warrior website: “Shadow Warrior is a bold reimagining of the 3D Realms’ cult classic shooter from independent developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset) starring the legendary and quick-witted warrior Lo Wang. Combine the brute force of overwhelming firepower with the elegant precision of a katana to annihilate the merciless armies of the shadow realm in an exhilarating and visually stunning transformation of the classic first-person shooter.”

Shadow Warrior (2013) Launch Trailer

You might also be interested in the title Hard Reset also by Flying Wild Hog.

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