Valve has announced SteamOS, This is a great move imho. Read more.

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3 Responses to SteamOS

  1. narvik86 says:

    I’m live 🙂
    WIll xonotic be available on steam? 🙂

    No time for playing games, but i remember about my friends 🙂

    • SoulKeeper_p says:

      Hi narvik,
      Nice to hear from you, to be honest I haven’t played any games for like ages.
      As for Xonotic being available on steam…, well beside the licensing and game version I don’t see any reason this would not be possible.
      Perhaps see you on the channels.

  2. narvik86 says:

    I don’t use steam, just curious 🙂
    Yes, i will be on irc from time to time 🙂 I’ve installed xchat yesterday, so i hope there will be no problems 🙂
    Thanks for reply!

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