About MoN

MoN is a group of international gamers, programmers, developers, artists & designers that enjoys playing & developing games.

MoN was created in September 2005 by the founders:
Abaddon , SoulKeeper_p and tZork.

You can find us at IRC ( #mon.xonotic channels at QuakeNet).

  [MoN] Abaddon
  [MoN] SoulKeeper_p
  [MoN] tZork

  [MoN] Ablu
  [MoN] Atum-Re
  [MoN] C.Brutail
  [MoN] Chooksta
  [MoN] DiaboliK
  [MoN] Dhraakellian
  [MoN] Hhondar
  [MoN] Lunitix
  [MoN] Mand1nga
  [MoN] Mandana_p
  [MoN] Morphed
  [MoN] Narvik86
  [MoN] Pete
  [MoN] RoKenn
  [MoN] Ronan
  [MoN] Secret Squirrel
  [MoN] SubSector
  [MoN] Xetani


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